Angel healing

Angel healing

Angelic Healing is a beautiful, gentle and powerful healing. It works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to bring balance to our entire being and can bring about a significant improvement in many aspects of our lives.

When you receive an Angel healing, you can experience the Angels beautiful energy. During a healing session you may experience warmth and/or tingling, Some people see colours, others feel energies. It is a very relaxing experience and it can leave you feeling content and empowered. After a session you may also gain some clarity on different aspects of your life.

For the most part, the energies are brought in with the hands over the body which is very slight and is non-invasive.

Angel Healing can also incorporate Card Reading, Spiritual Cleansing (with essential oils) and Guided Meditation to meet your Spirit Guide and the Seven Archangels.

What does a session cost?

See the prices page for information on the cost of a session.