I have had some healing sessions with Charnjit and I found her to be warm and friendly. Charnjit was focused on what she had to do. Each session with Charnjit I came out feeling calm and relaxed. I would recommend that you give her a try. She was very good.  Kathy


I have had several treatments with Charnjit over the past few years. She has a wonderful calming, warm energy that instantly makes you feel relaxed. After each treatment I have always felt an improvement in my wellbeing. Charnjit is a passionate and skilled practitioner and I always look forward to having a treatment with her.  Lyndsey


I had a Reiki Seichem Healing with Charnjit, she left me feeling rebalanced as she treats you on a physical, mental,  and spiritual level. I came away feeling relaxed, energised and incredibly peaceful.  Give her a try.  Janet


I recently booked in for a Reiki Seichem healing session with Charnjit and can thoroughly recommend. Charnjit’s lovely nature and energy instantly put me at ease.  The surroundings in her home were serene and specially chosen crystals and incense were great additions. When we started the healing session I was blown away instantly, I have been attuned to practice Reiki so had a certain expectation however this surpassed all my hopes.   The energies were so powerful I went on an incredible journey.   I have never been good at visualising colours but the colours were so strong and vivid, the whole session was incredibly relaxing but also intensely powerful, the sensation and glow that I felt remained for some days.  I have been feeling the benefits ever since and will be booking in again soon! Thank you so much, Natasha


Charnjit is a gifted healer. I’ve had a few Reiki Seichem treatments with her and I had a sense of relaxation and and overall wonderful experience. With her healing hands and energy, there was an unblocking of old energy that I didn’t even realise I was holding onto. Charnjit is understanding, experienced and compassionate with oodles of Positive Energy, she explains what the healing treatments are and how healing energy will manifest in your life and person journey. Overall Charnjit is a very professional and a giving teacher. Pam