About me

About me

Namaste. I am a qualified and experienced healer and I am passionate about helping others with finding peace and balance .

I first learnt about Reiki on a trip to India in 2006. I had hurt my neck and the Doctor that treated me healed me through Reiki. My interest peaked with the wonder of this amazing natural way of healing, so when I came back to the UK, my life led me to meet a now dear friend who taught me Reiki Level 1. I practised on myself for years before learning Reiki Level 2, where I then practiced with friends and family.

My interest in holistic healing peaked further, where I learnt about Crystal healing. This led me to expand my knowledge and develop into practicing meditation (or mindfulness), Angel Healing and Angel card readings and Reiki Seichem Master.

The magic and wonder of all these healings are complimentary, which allow for a wider depth of understanding and helping to tailor to each clients healing needs. 

I thoroughly enjoy using these amazing tools to help and guide others for their own personal journeys, whether for treatments and healing or teaching Reiki Seichem.

If you are interested in any of the healings or have any questions, please contact me on either of the following:

T: 07956 650055

E: charnjit@tranquillityhealing.co.uk